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eCommerce Delivers Efficiency

Challenges: Our construction industry customers look for efficient ways to reduce down-time for ordering spare parts, check stock availability, find store locations and ensure consistent pricing.

Solution: Our Services Master, S. Dakshinamurthy, makes sure his clients use the CAT eCommerce solution any-time from their mobiles. He guides them to check prices, place orders, and verify stock availability online. This enables the customers to operate their equipment 24x7 while delivering profitability, productivity and business growth.

CVA Protects Equipment

Challenges: When our Customers call the CAT® Services helpdesk, as their equipment has sent them a visionlink code, to their mobiles which may lead to reduced RPM.

Solution: Under the protection of a CVA, our customer immediately completed the online spare-parts order. Our Services Master, K. Jaishankar, packed the spare parts and reached the construction site. He replaced the parts and thoroughly tested the equipment to its full load capacity. In no time, the excavator was back to its 24x7 duty of delivering high profitability, productivity and growth in business to its owner.

Unparalled Productivity
matched by our Services Master

CVA Delivers Profitability

February 2024 - A customer’s excavator operating in extreme pollution at a road construction highway site, sent a visionlink code to his mobile, of “High Air Filter Restriction” that lowered its RPM.

Solution: With CVA in place, the customer placed an online order. Our Services Master, Vikas Rana changed the parts and fully tested the equipment. In no time, the excavator was back on its 24x7 duty that was grounded in high productivity, trust and shared goals.

Guaranteed by our Services Master

eCommerce Delivers More Up-time

Challenges: From the beginning of 2024, many Gen-Set customers enquired efficient ways to reduce down-time for ordering spare parts, stock checks, store location and pricing.

Solution: Our Services Master, Prasenjit Singha, demonstrated the efficiency of CAT eCommerce 24x7 solution, accessible from a mobile, to order, check stock availability and pricing online. This enabled profitability, productivity and growth in business.