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Cat® 950GC

Engine Model
Cat® C7.1
Net Power
151.0 kW
Working Weight
18676.0 kg
  • The Cat® C7.1 engine features a fuel-injection system specifically designed for fuel available in emerging markets. The EIMS minimizes fuel consumption by reducing engine rpm after a specified amount of idle time.
  • The 950 GC features a load sensing hydraulic system that only produces flow and pressure for the implement system when required, improving machine productivity and resulting in low fuel consumption.


Engine Idle Management System (EIMS), Auto Engine Idle Shutdown (EIS), variable speed fan and load sensing hydraulics help result in the low fuel consumption on this machine.


Intuitive controls and excellent visibility provide a comfortable working environment for efficient all day operation. Grouped service points and sight gauges allow for easy daily maintenance.


Designed to handle all the jobs on your worksite from material handling and truck loading to general construction. This machine is purpose built to be just the right machine for your work.

The Cat® C7.1 EMIS can minimize fuel consumption by reducing engine rpm after a specified amount of idle time.

The 950 GC features a load sensing hydraulic system that only produces flow and pressure for the implement system when required, resulting in low fuel consumption.

The 950 GC linkage generates excellent breakout force and good rack back angle for better bucket loading and load retention.

The hydraulic and electrical service centers provide grouped ground level access to numerous maintenance and service points enhancing safety and convenience for operators and service technicians.

Cat Work Tools are durable, reliable and designed for performance and efficiency with your 950GC.

The complete operator interface has been designed with the operator in mind: easy to operate and simple to understand.


Net Power - ISO 9249 202 HP
Engine Model Cat C7.1
Bore 4.1 in
Stroke 5.3 in
Displacement 427.8 in³
Maximum Gross Torque - 1,400 rpm 752 ft-lb
Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 202 HP
Rated Gross Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 14396 225 HP
Maximum Gross Power - 2,000 rpm - ISO 14396 229 HP
Maximum Net Torque - 1,300 rpm 687 ft-lb

Operating Weight 41174 lb

Bucket Capacities 2.5 m³ to 4.4 m³ (3.3 yd³ to 5.75 yd³)

Breakout Force 33047 lb
Note (1) **Compliance to ISO (2007) 14397-1 Sections 1 thru 5.
Static Tipping Load - Full 40° Turn - Rigid Tires** 24685 lb
Static Tipping Load - Full 40° Turn - ISO 14397-1* 23155 lb
Note (2) *Full compliance to ISO (2007) 14397-1 Sections 1 thru 6, which requires 2% verification between calculations and testing.

Forward - 1 4.4 mile/h
Forward - 2 7.8 mile/h
Forward - 3 13.7 mile/h
Forward - 4 21.1 mile/h
Reverse - 1 4.4 mile/h
Reverse - 2 7.8 mile/h
Reverse - 3 13.7 mile/h

Steering System - Pump Type Piston
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Dump, at Maximum Raise 1.2 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Total Cycle Time 10.1 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.8 s
Hydraulic Cycle Time - Raise from Carry Position 6.1 s
Implement System - Optional 3rd Function Maximum Flow 74 gal/min
Implement System - Maximum Pump Output at 2,200 rpm 65.5 gal/min
Implement System Pump Type Piston
Implement System - Maximum Operating Pressure @ 50 ± 1.5 L/min (13.2 + 0.4 gal/min) 4047 psi
Implement System - Optional 3rd Function Maximum Pressure @ 70 L/min 2999 psi

Brakes Brakes meet ISO 3450

Choices Choices include: 23.5-25 16PR, L3 (Triangle); 23.5R25 ??, L3 (Triangle); 23.5R25 ?, L3 (Bridgestone)

ROPS/FOPS ROPS/FOPS meet ISO 3471 and ISO 3449 Level II standards

Differential - Final Drives - Front 10.6 gal (US)
Crankcase 5.3 gal (US)
Fuel Tank Size 76.6 gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Rear 10 gal (US)
Transmission 11.9 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 31.7 gal (US)
Cooling System 12.7 gal (US)

B-Pin Height 13.7 ft
B-Pin Height - Carry 2.2 ft
Lift Arm Clearance 12 ft
Centerline of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight 6.6 ft
Height - Top of ROPS 11.4 ft
Height - Top of Exhaust Pipe 11.8 ft
Height - Top of Hood 8.4 ft
Ground Clearance 1.5 ft
Wheel Base 10.8 ft
Centerline of Rear Axle to Hitch 5.4 ft
Rack Back - Maximum Lift 60 °
Dump Angle at Maximum Lift 52 °
Rack Back - Carry 45 °
Rack Back - Ground 40 °
Height - Center Line of Axle 2.5 ft

Turning Radius - Inside of Tires 11.2 ft
Turning Radius - Outside Edge of Counterweight 20.3 ft
Turning Radius - Outside of Tires 20.2 ft
Width - Over Tires 9 ft

Cat buckets and Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed and matched to the machine to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.


Center-Lock is a pin grabber coupler and features a patent-pending locking system. A highly visible secondary lock clearly shows the operator when the coupler is engaged or disengaged from the bucket or work tool..



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