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Cat® D6R2XL

Engine Model
Cat C9
Net power in HP
148 kW
Working Weight
18984 kg
  • From rugged structures and integrated power train to operator comfort and ease of operation, the D6R2 is a world-class dozer built to help you produce the highest quality work in a variety of applications.

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Quiet, comfortable cab, intuitive controls and excellent visibility help operators work at their best all day long.


Elevated sprocket, rugged structures and proven systems give you long life and durability.


Differential steering and two-pump hydraulics give you the power and precision you need to maximize your productivity.

Comfortable cab, with an integrated Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS), gives operators greater all around visibility to enhance safety and productivity.

Differential Steering increases the speed of one track while slowing the other one down to give you exceptional turning, evenwith a full blade load.

Updated design places the alternator in an elevated location for added protection, especially in wet, sandy conditions.

Air conditioning condenser package mounted on top of the cab, increasing capability, while improving engine cooling and serviceability.

Forestry Arrangement is available with optional machine protection like sweeps, screens and added guarding to help protect the machine in harsh conditions.


Engine Model Cat C9
Power - Net 198 HP
Note (1) Rated engine speed at 2,200 rpm
Emissions Meets U.S. EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II equivalent and Certified to China Nonroad II emission standards

Net Power - Rated - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 179 HP

Net Power - Rated - ISO 9249/SAE J1349 198 HP

Fuel Tank 112 gal (US)

Operating Weight 41853 lb
Operating - D6R2 (S) 41853 lb
Operating - D6R2 (SU) 42033 lb
Operating - D6R2 (A) 42875 lb
Operating - D6R2 XL (SU) 43903 lb
Operating - D6R2 XL (A) 44024 lb
Operating - D6R2 LGP (S) 47754 lb

Ground Pressure - SU - Blade (ISO 16754) 9 psi

Ground Pressure - A-Blade (ISO 16754) 9 psi

Ground Pressure - SLGP - Blade (ISO 16754) 5 psi

S-Blade Capacity 5.2 yd³
SU - Blade Capacity 7.3 yd³
A-Blade Capacity 5.2 yd³
SU XL - Capacity 7.3 yd³
A XL - Capacity 5.2 yd³
S-Blade Capacity - LGP 5 yd³
S-Blade Width 132.3 in
SU - Blade Width 128.3 in
A-Blade Width 164 in
SU XL - Width 128.3 in
A XL - Width 164 in
S-Blade Width - LGP 160 in

Cat buckets and Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are designed and matched to the machine to ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency.


Center-Lock is a pin grabber coupler and features a patent-pending locking system. A highly visible secondary lock clearly shows the operator when the coupler is engaged or disengaged from the bucket or work tool..


Cat® Hammers make short work of your demolition, construction, and quarry needs. Combine the simple, lightweight design of the GC Hammer series with the reliability, durability, and value you expect from Cat products. The result is a low cost per hour solution providing the consistent power and performance you need.


Constructed from high-strength steels and built to last, Cat rippers endure in the toughest conditions. The box-section structure is reinforced for maximum rigidity, transmitting the full machine power to the material being ripped. Rippers feature a replaceable wear tip, and most models also come equipped with a replaceable shank protector.


Cat grapples make Cat excavators the ideal machine for handling loose material, sorting trash, and demolition site cleanup. An array of styles and sizes is available to match excavators to the task at hand.


Multi-processors do the work of many types of demolition tools by use of interchangeable jaw sets. Changing jaws allows a single unit to crush, pulverize, and perform a variety of specialized tasks such as cutting steel rebar and tanks.


Cat shears are designed to take full advantage of the hydraulic flows and pressures produced by Cat excavators – all to enhance productivity without compromising safety or causing premature wear of the shear or carrier.


Mechanical pulverizers are cost-effective tools for recycling demolished concrete debris. The bucket cylinder on the excavator powers the pulverizer, eliminating the need for a dedicated cylinder, associated hydraulics, and additional installation cost.


Cat compactors make job site compaction quick, efficient, and cost effective.


The hydraulic concrete crusher is well suited for demolition in residential areas. The tool combines several demolition operations in one piece of equipment: