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In the current competitive environment, machine control technologies (for grading, compaction, etc.) that can help you reduce operating costs or improve the accuracy of your operators are certain to help you win more bids and work more productively. Combine those technologies with the telematics data from your machine that helps you control maintenance and repair costs, and you are working your bottom line not only from the revenue side but the cost management side as well.

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Monitoring equipment health, managing job site assets, communicating between the office and site, enhancing productivity and reducing operational costs are key activities for any successful business in the industries we serve. From GPS infrastructure to software products that predict failure before it happens to after sale support and service, Caterpillar provides the total solution to help customers in any industry improve efficiency and enhance safety.

Both the programs and processes further demonstrate the commitment Caterpillar has to delivering a fully integrated suite of autonomous equipment, technologies and systems.

Through digital insights and on asset technology, Caterpillar and Cat Dealers will help global construction customers improve their return on assets, their overall operations efficiency and eliminate injuries and waste. Customer pain points will drive our offerings and innovations.

Cat Connect Technologies and Services include hardware and software designed to improve your operation—including Cat and non Cat assets as well as help you leverage data generated by your assets to boost business results and strengthen your competitive advantage.

Cat® Grade Technology - Greater accuracy. Higher productivity. More profitability.

The AccuGrade™ grade control system is the Caterpillar suite of machine control and guidance solutions bringing the customer an increase in productivity by up to 40 percent while reducing site costs dramatically. The revolutionary solution is factory integrated, sensor-independent, and features a suite of products including cross slope, sonic, laser, GPS and ATS technology.

We understand that productivity and your bottom line depend on moving material accurately, quickly, and safely the first time. Maintaining a consistent grade is difficult, labour intensive and challenging for even the most experienced operators. By combining digital design data, in-cab operator guidance features, and automatic blade controls, our AccuGrade Grade Control System actually enhances grading accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for survey stakes.

Most importantly, Caterpillar is raising the bar in the industry by backing our solutions with our renowned, customer-centric worldwide dealer network.

Key features of AccuGrade technology:

  • Reduced site costs by reducing fuel burn, labour and wear and tear on GET
  • Boost productivity by 30-50%
  • Extends work day, suitable for night operations
  • Increase accuracy
  • Ensure safety with fewer people near machines, avoidance zones and integrated safety controls on Motor Graders

AccuGrade™ Grade Control System

AccuGrade™ Laser - 2D technology available for Track-Type tractors and motor graders
AccuGrade™ Cross Slope - 2D technology for motor graders
AccuGrade™ Sonic - 2D technology for motor graders
AccuGrade™ ATS - 3D technology available for Track-Type tractors and motor graders

Cat® Payload Technology - Load and haul with precision

Keeping production on track requires efficient processes, short cycle times and accurate loads.

Cat® Payload technologies provide on-the-go load weighing to assist operators with achieving precise targets every time—helping to optimize efficiency and increase jobsite productivity.

Whether loading or hauling, operators can track daily productivity from the cab, with quick access to payload weights, load and cycle counts, and daily totals.

When combined with LINK technologies, managers can track daily production tonnage and cycle counts as well as calculate tons/hour and tons/fuel burned through VisionLink®. Additional information to help manage overall operations and maintain productivity targets is available through VIMS™pc.

Cat® Connect Services provide the information, advice and support partnership you need to make the most of your valuable machine data, manage your equipment and jobsites more effectively, and sharpen your competitive edge.

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Optimize fleet uptime and costs through machine data, alerts and advice.


Improve job site efficiency by leveraging essential production insights.


Reduce the environmental impact of operations and simplify compliance.